The Upper Mansion Concept

The Upper Mansion brand was founded in 2010, as the embodiment of the Upper Mansion concept,
by designer and owner, Calvin Kwong.
The Upper Mansion design concept focuses on unique cutting and layering, Mainly presenting pieces in black and white to emphasize attention to details in shape and pattern.

The Upper Mansion clothing line strives to allow each of our clients to express their individuality and sense of self, through their own style, not just following trends.
To that end, Upper Mansion designs aim to break style norms, featuring many unisex pieces, as well as blending both masculine and feminine details into both our women’s and men’s lines.

To allow our customers to further express their individualism, Upper Mansion accepts custom orders. Being consultant to each client, we incorporate their ideas and tastes into our own designs,
or we work to bring their original concept to
life, creating a special garment,
tailored just for the individual.